Vacation Rental Guide

Vacation Rental Guide

Vacation Rental Guide

Your vacation home is your little piece of heaven; a place you go to get away from your everyday life and relax. You may have started thinking about renting your home and start making an extra profit. Or maybe you’ve had your vacation rental in the market for a while and are ready to scale your business.

This guide is for vacation rental owners, property managers, b&b owners, and anyone else who wants to improve their conversion rates to get fewer inquiries and a lot more bookings. We’ve created this vacation rental guide to help you get started with your business, and to show you how simple, fun and rewarding it can be to have a vacation rental or rent your vacation home. We recommend to bookmark our vacation rental guide and come back to it for reference as needed!

Vacation Rental Business

Tips and useful tools for running your vacation rental business.

Buying a vacation home

Starting a vacation rental business

Short term rentals

Short term rental insurance

Short term rental management

Vacation rental properties

Vacation rental rates

Vacation rental license

Vacation rental business owner

Vacation rental software

There are many different resources and software that promise to help grow your vacation rental business. Luckily, we’ve summarized the best tips out there:

Vacation rental software

Vacation rental app

Best vacation rental software

Vacation rental software reviews

Rental reservation software

Reservation software

Vacation rental reservation software

Free vacation rental software

HomeAway software

Rental management software

Vacation rental management software

Vacation rental property management software

Vacation rental cleaning software

Vacation rental accounting software

Property Management for Vacation Rentals

Everything you need to simplify the management of your vacation rental property.

What is property management

Vacation rental property management services

Property management companies

How to become a property manager

Property management tools

Property management insurance

Property management license

Property management fees

Vacation rental locks

Website builders for vacation rentals

Whether you’re looking to create your very first vacation rental website, or looking to update your existing website, there are many things you should consider.

Here’s a list of pages that will help you decide which vacation rental website builder suits your vacation rental business:

Website builder software

Best website builder

Free website builder

Property management website builder

Bed and breakfast website builder

Website builder with booking system

Property management WordPress theme

Vacation rental WordPress theme

Vacation rental Squarespace theme

Vacation rental Joomla theme

Vacation rental Wix theme

Vacation rental Weebly theme

Vacation rental calendar

Avoid overbookings and messy calendars with the right vacation rental calendar:

Availability calendar

Vacation rental calendar

Free rental calendar

Reservation calendar software

Rental availability software

Holiday availability calendar

Channel manager for vacation rentals

What is a channel manager? What can it do for your vacation rental business? Find out here:

Channel manager

Airbnb channel manager

PMS channel manager

Free channel manager

Channel manager system

Wix channel manager

Reservation system

Track all your bookings, automate your business and manage your vacation rental business with the right reservation system.

Here are a couple of guides to choose the perfect reservation system for your vacation rental website:

Reservation system

Free online reservation system

Guest reservation system

Reservation system WordPress

Website reservation system

Booking software

You can’t (or at least, you shouldn’t) have a vacation rental website without a booking engine. Find out what you should be looking for in a booking software for your business:

Booking system

Booking software

Booking engine software

Best booking software

Booking software open source

Vacation rental booking software

Rental booking software

Online booking system

Booking website

Booking calendar

Booking plugin

WordPress booking plugin

Squarespace booking plugin

Joomla booking extension

Wix Bookings

Weebly Booking Widget

Vacation rental listing sites

You can market your vacation rental businesses in many different ways, but if you’re getting started one of the most effective strategies to attract bookings is advertising your property(ies) on vacation rental websites.

We’ve listed below a list of the best vacation rental websites to list your properties on, as well as tips to boost your bookings:

Vacation rental websites

Making the most of a free vacation rental listing

What is vacation rental pros

FlipKey Guide

In these pages, you’ll learn all about Flipkey, how to optimize your owner account and the different ways to contact the FlipKey customer service team.

What is FlipKey

FlipKey owner login

FlipKey phone number

FlipKey customer service

FlipKey reviews

VRBO Guide

Find out how to make the most of your VRBO listing, their fees and how to get in touch with their customer service team.

What is VRBO

VRBO owner login

VRBO listing

VRBO customer service

VRBO cancellation policy

VRBO insurance

VRBO phone number

VRBO fees

VRBO sign in

VRBO dashboard

HomeAway Guide

Discover the latest information about the HomeAway family websites and the differences between HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb.

What is HomeAway

HomeAway owner login

HomeAway reviews

HomeAway payments

HomeAway fees

HomeAway customer service

HomeAway cancellation policy

HomeAway vs VRBO

HomeAway vs Airbnb

HomeAway Expedia merger

HomeAway scams

Airbnb Guide

There’s no doubt that Airbnb is one of the biggest vacation rental websites right now. But are you sure you’re taking full advantage of their platform? Visit our resource pages and find out how to optimize your Airbnb account and start getting more reservations!

What is Airbnb

Airbnb contact

Airbnb phone number

Airbnb FAQ

Airbnb customer service

Airbnb cancellations policy

Airbnb owner login

Airbnb reviews

Airbnb guest review example

Airbnb insurance

Airbnb host

Airbnb experiences

Airbnb host forum

Airbnb taxes

Airbnb security deposit

Airbnb host fees

Airbnb cleaning fee

Airbnb host payment

Airbnb payout


Airbnb host tips

Airbnb host guarantee

Airbnb host cancellation

Airbnb competitors

Airbnb blog

Airbnb photographer

Airbnb photos

Airbnb house rules template

Airbnb WordPress plugin

Airbnb Instant Book

Accept Online Payments

Everything you need to know about accepting online payments for your vacation rental business:

Vacation rent payment

Rental payment

Rental payment agreement

Rental payment system

Rental payment software


Rentpayment fees

Rentpayment login

Vacation rental payment processing

Expedia Guide

Everything you need to know about Expedia as an owner to make the most of it for your vacation rental business:

What is Expedia?

Expedia Partner Central Guide

Discover all the most important information about for hosts and owners:

What is Extranet

TripAdvisor Guide

Find out useful tips and information about TripAdvisor for vacation rental owners and managers:

What is TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor Owner Login

Other resources

Even more resources for our vacation rental owners and/or property managers!

Vacation rental management

Holidaylettings login